I have been a Heroes of Might and Magic Fan, Since the beginning... And I never got bored of playing Heroes.

User Rating: 8.9 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
I just love the entire Fantasy thing, I dig Role Playing Games alot. This however is not RPG but the monsters are quite simular, I just think that this kind of games are like Command and Conquer games just with Monsters instead of Soldiers and Machines... The Graphics in the Game are not that good but if you look at the earlier games in the Series it have evolved alot since the first time I played... the gameplay in the Heroes series are great and you can get a lot of new maps, and also design your own maps if you are into that.... Nothing else to say then I thing the game is great a kind of Adventure and Strategy game in one packed...

I not good at writing rewiews but I'm trying