Why are you all complaining about that Hommlll is better than this? This game rules the series...

User Rating: 10 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
I want to say why you should buy this game instead of the older nr 3.

1. Heroes can now fight, and this is one of the best new things in this game ever. I Homm l ll and lll the heroes just was just sitting on their fat ass while looking at their army fighting for their lives, but in nr lV they fight and die with their army. Heoes can even travel alone without any army backing him up. You can even threat this game as a rpg while using only one or two heroes.

2. Now monsters can travel by themself, and you can create caravans, which transport monster from or to towns, and also from creature dwellings.

3. Many say that the castle sieges has becomed badder, but after my opinion it has only becomed better. For the first, in the older games the defender just used to let the archery towers do all the job, but in this game there are no towers, but you can get some by building a castle and then place your own men up in them. Also the attackers have lost their catapult. The catapult made it to easy to infiltrate a town, but you can use other strategies instead, such as using poison or playge or whatever it was called to force enemy out since they will slowly lose life. Also you cant shoot over walls exept from if they stand near it or ontop of a tower. In old day you could just shoot over walls and do their full damage.

4. The graphics are much better than in the previos versions, such as hommlll with it cheap 2d graphics.

Buy this game if you like turnbased strategy games!!!!!!!