Might or Stronghold Review (Heroes of Might And Magic 4)

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Might or Stronghold

--Units you Should Choose--
Bersekers-Centaurs-Nomads-Cyclop-Thunder Bird

--Why you should Choose Them--
Bersekers and Centaurs are needed even if you don't want to build them

Nomads -They are fast units and they have very much movement and have the First Strike Ability

-Cyclop - They are Ranged Units and That's Good,Area Attack , They Attack All The Targets Friendly or Foe who are in that zone

-Thunder Birds - They have Thunder Strike wich is very good,that means after the normal attack they attack whit a thunder
and they grow up 3 a week.That's Very Good.

The Might Units are the best units in the game......they have magic resistance and the most powerfull units

The Units have very low Prices even a Behemoth is 2750 gold and he is more powerfull than an Angel,Bone Dragon,Devil,he is the second creature most powerfull after the Black Dragon and the Tunder Bird cost only 1800 gold and 2 mercur

====Very important hint for Might Heroes ===
If you have Breeding Pens and Grandmaster nobility the creatures in the town will grow up every day and Thunder Birds,Cyclops,and Nomads.

That doesn't matter if they have only 10% Magic Resistance but the others don't attack you from the begining !!!
First you will have to make a hero 100% Magic Resistance ,Whit Grandmaster Magic Resistance or whit Neener Invulnerable Cloak.

===What i realised===
Whit Breeding Pens and Grandmaster Nobility you make creatures grow every day and you will have very big army.
In The Others Hints how to beat the Might is a fake....Because you don't attack them from the beginig aren't you ?

==This Hint is How To Cheat whithout Cheat== How ?

First you go to campaign editor and open the map you wan't to play and the colour you want...then you can make changes like : near your hero will be a Adamantium Armor or Shield ,Neeners Invulnerable Cloak .....then exit and save the changes.

This Hint is available for all units (Death , Life , Order , Chaos , Might)