My wife, whom to date has yet to like ANY type of "game" is behind atm playing THIS for like her 500th hour!

User Rating: 9.5 | Heroes of Might and Magic III PC
Brilliant across the board. This game EASILY holds up well 2 this day. In some ways I wish it could be exactly the same everything EXCEPT much better graphics, but alas, that might just rob it of some of its charm! If you like ANY type of game or in my wifes case, no games, then this is FOR YOU!

My dad and I used to play chess, stratego and back gammon and somehow all of the best parts of these games are thrown into HOMM3, which by now as I am sure you can guess, is easily my favorite game ever!

The most awesome thing that this game offers in my opinion is the Hot Seat mode, in which 2 or more people can play on the same computer. Usually this favors an alliance of the "human" players, so if that isn't for you then simply play on two different computers and I guarantee you will enjoy it!