Gameplay mechanics, music, graphic - everything is just perfect!

User Rating: 10 | Heroes of Might and Magic III PC
This game owns. Seriously. There aren`t many games 12 years old and still giving the same joy whenever you play them, doesn`t matter how many times u did. It`s especially important with this game - it will suck you in. You will play itp over and over again. You will want to be make a perfect hero, and each time you will want to make another another one... Why you ask?
You get 8 perfectly balanced castles (with Armageddon`s Blade expansion you get one more, and after installing unofficial expansion Wake of Gods you can convert units in this castle, and get a totally new set, making a total of 10 castles); each of them packed with perfectly matched heroes which u can develop in the way u want - you can make pure might, pure magic or mixed heroes thanks to four primary stats and 8 skills (expansions, especially Wake of Gods give you even more possibilities like upgrading your skills and letting you have 10 instead of 8 skills). Furthermore you can and you will find artifacts that will make your hero even more powerful.
This game also gives u a quite good graphics that is aging but more like a good wine - u see over time how many details are given to you in a very simple way. Music is the one of many things in this game that will amaze you - it is purely genius, listening to it leaves u speechless (each castle, adventure on the map, menu, battles have it`s own theme that is so good that i`m sure people would be willing to pay to listen to it in concert events) and I often go out of castle and listen to the music and try to catch every single detail of the castles graphics.
Each castle gives you 7 units, each of them have and advanced form, and believe me - you want to know them all. They are interesting group of creatures found in history, myths from all over the world, legends and some modifications of them. When you find out some information about creatures like Rok, Goblin, Manticore, Wyvern, Gorgon you will have totally diffrent attitude towards them and playing this game will turn into higher, more interesting level. Personally I encourage to find out about every of this creatures it`s fun to know those things and you can learn a thing or two from almost every known mythology.
To summarize it up - this game is wonderful on every level. Expansions, random map generator gives you countless hours of gaming and it`s only up to you if you let this game suck you in. I advise to let it do with you whatever she wants because every hour is worth it.