The best game ever, i have played this game more then 8000 hours through my life...

User Rating: 10 | Heroes of Might and Magic III PC
This game is a must have and can be recommended for every strategy player, both new and old. Even when the game is 11 years old, it is fantastic and still one of the best games today. I have used more then 8000 hours on this game and i am not stopping now, this is a game that will live for ever.

I have given the game a 10 because it is a amazing game
Gameplay gets 10 out of 10 because it is simply so amazing that no other game has been able.

Basically you start to choose between 8 factions that are:
Castle (Humans with knights, archers, monks and even angels)
Tower (Alchemist with wizards, titans, gargoyles and other)
Rampart (Nature people, like elf, dwarfs, centaurs dragons and more)
Fortress (Swamp monsters, like lizards, hydras, wyverns and more)
Stronghold (Barbarians like orcs, goblins ,cyclops and many more)
Inferno (Hell monsters, demons, devils, imps and even cerberus and more)
Necropolis (As it says, necromancy like skeletons, zombies and vampires)
Dungeon (Cave monsters as medusa, minotaurs, harpies and dragons)

These 8 factions contains almost all the greatest mythology monsters and gives you an epic battle when all these monsters clash against each other.

Mainly you play as one faction and start with 1 hero but you can recruit more and each hero has an army that can be customized as you wish. You can capture the enemies castles and towns and then you can recruit the other factions monsters. As you start you got a hero you can walk around with him in (a) fantastic world map(s) and there you can choose to attack another hero or monster which switches the screen into a battlefield where the monsters/armies fight and there it also is turn based, where you need to make the best tactics to win hard battles, and you can use your hero to that, by making him or her to cast spells on the battlefield.

Story: The story in this game deserves 9.7 because it continues on the previous games and it continues on the next 2 games.

Free game: Free game gets a 10 because there are a lot of maps which you can play multilayer and each map got its own story, that is getting told while you play the game. And besides the many amazing maps the game got, then you can create your own maps and download many others which makes the game a lot more fun.

Graphics: the graphics gets a 10 because they were so amazing when the game came out and now today in 2010 i still love the graphic.

Sound: the sound gets 10 because the music sound great and fits well into the game and the music is different from each place you are. example if you a in a Inferno castle you get a dark music that makes you fell you are at a very evil place, while in a human castle it is more nice and holy.

Conclusion of rating:
Gameplay: 10
Story: 9.7
Free-play / Multi-player: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound / Music: 10

Total: 10!!!

PS: sorry for my very bad English :)