SMART X Memory Booster

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Your body has a built in stress response to help us respond to an attack or a perception that an attack is going to happen, and that is the only time we need to cue it, SMART X but we have gotten in the habit of keeping our stress response turned on too long, which is bad for our brain, actually all of our cells. So learning to deep breath, or doing deeper breathing while exercising is very important for the brain s delicate physical health. Another very important consideration for your brain s health is to not bang it around inside your skull. The brain is actually sort of mushy and your skull is hard with some sharp edges which bruise the brain if they come into contact sharply. If you can manage to include good nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, and novel learning experiences consistently, your brain will respond by creating new neurons every day and each of those neurons might have up to , dendrites on them, which is very good for your ability to make wise decisions.