User Rating: 9.7 | Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death PC
The best Heroes game ever made, period! HOMM3:SOD in my opinion represents the pinnacle of the HOMM series. It had the best maps, enemies, heroes, and campaign of any of the HOMM games, and I've played them all. If you are a fan of HOMM, you must play HOMM3:SOD or you haven't really played HOMM. HOMM4 was a downgrade from HOMM3 and had absolutely horrible campaigns in the original release and in both expansion games. 3DO is bankrupt, so HOMM5 which was rumored to have gone back to using the HOMM3 design with new graphics and units is probably dead too, unless someone buys the rights and finishes it. Therefore, if you are longing for more HOMM enjoyment and have not played HOMM3:SOD, buy it now. You can probably find it for less than $10. HOMM3:SOD is the only original HOMM game I still own, and the only one I will keep because it is of one of the three greatest turn-based strategy games ever made.