Oldy, but goody.

User Rating: 8 | Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars PC
Heroes of Might and Magic II was made in the mid 90s and is still today one of the best turn based strategy games to date. In retrospective the whole series was pretty great but something about this games low detail graphics took you back a few years. The learning curve is very small because in the castles it explains what you need to build everything. The best part of the game would have to be the map making because even if you've never made a map before they make it unbelievably easy. With limited items to actually place down it can feel a little tedious just placing the same thing all over the map, but trust me, if you do it right you can make a pretty sweet piece of work. It also makes the game replayable because you can just crank out another map when you get bored of the ones you have. You can also download maps online. Another great feature of the game is the hot seat. In this mode players will take turns moving and building on the same computer. This makes it a good family game in which the whole family, even the wife, can enjoy. Though they take a step back with graphics after it predecessor HoMM it doesn't take away from the game itself. Overall the game is fun, learning curve is easy, graphics are decent, but there are a limited number of teams which is the only thing I don't like but an all around good game. So have fun and good luck all.