Top Ten Best PC Games of All Time

User Rating: 9.8 | Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars PC
I love this game. I have logged sooo many hours on multiplayer with my buds it is ridiculous. All through middle school we played this game. SUPERB, if not perfect, multiplayer system. Difficulty is perfect, AI is not stupid!! So many times am i frustrated by a mediocre AI system, but not here. They provide a decent challenge, to accompany other human players. Single player is not quite as fun, but still great. I beat the game on both evil and good, good was quite a bit tougher though ;). Even now, ten years later, i find myself sitting down to a game or two of Heroes 2, especially when my old best friend is in town. We will light a couple bowls and play Heroes 2, civilization 2 multiplayer, Starcraft, and Counter-strike. Games like these, that shaped a gaming generation, i hope will never die. These days games take an ecssesive amount of time to learn their gameplay. Time that I just don't have to devote to a game. These new games like warcraft 3, civ 4, and Wow, just take too much time to learn the ins and outs, that its just not worth it for people who have lives outside of the video game world. Oh how i miss those games.