Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars Cheats For PC

  1. Debug Mode

    Right click the icon on your desktop, go to properties, change the target program so it ends in: HEROES2W.EXE" /NWC then during the game press F4 and alongside the regular tabs like File and Help, there should be Debug!

    Contributed by: gummy 

  2. Codes

    Type these codes in at any time:

    Effect Effect
    32167 Get 5 Black Dragons
    123456789 Incease Chances of Winning
    1313 Instant defeat
    8675309 Uncover Map
    911 Win Battle

    Contributed by: ZeldaGuy, Lord ZhouYu 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by RMerritt 30K
General FAQs FAQ/Strategy Guide by JArtanto 696K
General FAQs Strategy Guide by Kaspa 8K
In-Depth FAQs Barbarian Guide by gummy 10K
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