RPG keeps the fun, dumps all dead weight

User Rating: 8 | Heroes Of Loot AND

This game takes all the elements that are fun about action RPGs and harness them, cutting away all dead weight like story, complex quests, a gazillion different weapons and armor. What is left is a pure light hearted action game, which seems to be heavily inspired by the classic Coin-Op game Gauntlet.

Cut through hordes of monsters in randomly generated dungeons, and pick up huge amounts of loot. You gradually rise in level, but so does the dungeon and monsters. There is no ending, you basically play until you die, and the purpose is to see how far down into the dungeon you can reach. You only get one life, and there is no way to continue once you kick the bucket. This adds some more excitement and tension.

Cute pixel graphics, and frantic action. The game just feels good to play, and is both challenging and relaxing at the same time. Although it is a bit simplistic, it does feature all the well known RPG elements, like quests (kill x number of monster y, or pick up x' number of item y' within the time limit), find all buttons to rise some idol granting you experience, find hidden chambers filled with loot, buy magic items and equipment, find superpowered weapons and so on... You can also choose to play one of four different heroes, all with different stats and somewhat different tactics.

I do not usually like games that uses a virtual joystick on the screen, but this game is quite flexible with where you put your fingers. Wherever your finger rests comfortably is the base of the virtual joystick, so it works pretty well.

If I was to say one negative thing about the game, it is that since everything is generated randomly, sometimes you are served hugely imbalanced or unfair conditions way too early before you are at a high enough level to handle it. Suddenly when travelling to a new dungeon you are surrounded by three super monsters for example, and you are dead before you can even blink. On the other hand, after a certain level, you get too powerful, so there is almost no challenge left. You simply just die in the end because it is easy to just rush through each level out of impatience, on a level that is actually very easy if played a bit more carefully.

Perfect game on the go for your Android, but it will burn through the battery pretty fast, so be careful as time flies fast while playing.