Heroes and Generals : worst customer service, ever.

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I recently got banned from Heroes&Generals for a week, because I was reported by some french guy for calling my units “28. SS-Wallonie”, which is actually a division that really existed. That wasn’t to some Reto moderator from Québec, Gargamel, liking, and apparently against their code of conduct, which prohibits any reference to the SS, or to anyone “Guilty of war crimes”… That's about any german or soviet unit, but well...

So he renamed my units, which I then renamed to “ZZ-Wallonie”, which wasn’t to his personal liking either, he said it was also a reference to the SS, so I got a week ban with a laconic message that lacked any standards in customer service “You are now banned for a week, best regards, go f**** yourself.”.

Ok the “go f**** yourself” wasn’t there, but I’m sure he thought it.

For the record the guy who reported me had units called “Ultramarines” or “Darkangels”, which is very nice to put you in a WW2 mood, don’t you think?

Anyway, a week later, I started reporting all the players I found in breach with the said code of conduct, using names related to war crimes. I reported about 25 “Stalin”, half a dozen “Adolf.H” or simply “Hitler” (yes, that basic), some “Fegelein”, tons of “binladen” for about a total of maybe 50 players.

Apparently, the said code of conduct didn’t apply anymore to Mister Gargamel, the kind “staff” from Reto that treated me like horse turd, and banned me again for a week.

Then when I dare to complain about it, I get banned for one more week, suming it up to 3 weeks ban, weeks that I'm PAYING FOR, because some guy in an office had a bad day. And of course, he refuses to let me talk to his supervisor, or to reimburse me. Now he is at the point of threatening me with a permanent ban if I dare to complain again. Which of course I did, by keeping the ticket open as long as I don't talk to his boss.

I’m a paying customer, with weekly paid veteran access, and I have spent so far about 100€ in this game. Sorry if that's not enough for you, Gargamel. As far as I know I have never been abusive verbally with you or with any player. Not even with the idiot kid that reported me, and I know who he is. And I’m being treated like some Nazi war criminal for using historical names for my units, and then for showing them that players in breach of their code of conduct were about everywhere in the game, and that it was absurd to ban me. Not to mention the kids saying “Heil Hitler!” every time a game starts…

So to sum it up, not only the game is bugged like hell, your tanks can explode if they crash with a tree or a bicycle, not only the factions are completely unbalanced, not only you have like only 4 maps total, not only it is clearly a “pay to win” when it comes to the strategic aspect of the game, not only it’s obvious that this game will never leave “early access” or beta stage, but they also have to treat their player base, and their paying customers, like sh*t.

And now that I have posted this message on their Steam forum, he banned me for "promoting national socialism". That's a good one, really.

If you have to chose, go play something else than Heroes&Generals. Never seen this kind of service, even in the good old times of Ultima Online…