Hero Defense Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Shoot 10 Bolts at once Blot Out the Sun
    Defeat Bones O'Malley Bone Crusher
    Unlock Sam Hain Burn Them!
    Complete the coast Guard challenge on insane. Coast Guard
    Defeat Alana Nightshade Envy
    Slow at least 20 creeps with a single attack Everybody be Cool
    Defeat Count Necrosis, once and for all. Family legacy
    Have all heroes do their heroes strike at the same time. Fantastic Five
    Defeat the Queen of Corpses Granimosity
    Unlock Barrows Gravedigger
    Unlock Wylde Halfblood
    Survive your first encounter with count Necrosis He is Here
    Defeat Dr. Amalgam Hell Hath Not Fury
    Earn every trophy. Hero
    Have at least 1 rune of every type. Hoarder
    Reach the Village It begins
    Defeat Redfang Wrathborn King of Wolves
    Complete the Tower Defense challenge on Insane Like a Rock
    Upgrade every weapon to the highest level Master Blacksmith
    Charge a character to level 10 Orbs, Orbs, Orbs
    Kill a creep that is slowed, poisoned, buring, cursed, scared and cut by razor splinters. Overkill
    Unlock Jane Doe Pretty Deadly
    Fully upgrade the Village Saviour
    Hit at least 20 creeps with a single poison spell. Silent But Deadly
    Kill 50.000 Creeps Slayer
    Kill 500 Creeps using Spells Spellmaster
    Gather all Stars on all maps. Superstar
    Defeat Count Necrosis The Father
    Complete the Border Warden Challenge on insane The Warden
    Insane Difficulty with 100% early calls Trigger Happy
    Kill any boss using only angry mobs Viva lá revolucion
    Defeat over 100 Waves in the Endless Mode. Wave Breaker (N2H)

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold