Good surprise: This game is very enjoyable, and offers a lot more than you may assume at first look.

User Rating: 8.4 | Kult: Heretic Kingdoms PC
Yes, this kind of isometric RPG looks old at first sight. But the 3D characters on the 2D background blend rather well, and great attention has been given to details. I must admit that during the first hour of this game, I had the feeling of playing a 100000th version of diablo. Thank god I kept on playing, and this game revealed to be a rich, original, addicting experience. Plenty of new ideas and concepts serve the gameplay, and for the better. The story is absolutely good, and the hero is a very amusing girl, a bit wry, whose humour will make you smile more than once. There is something of a "garage" game in Kult (Heretic Kingdoms), and that's very good. You can feel it has been designed with freedom and fresh imagination. Technically, it's excellent. And what is more important of all : the entertainment value is extremely high. -=={Thanks a lot for this little gem, 3D people!}==-