Greek Mythology at its best! If you love Greek Mythology and own a DS this is for you.

User Rating: 8.5 | Heracles: Battle With The Gods DS
I actually found this game by accident, that and the help of Google. So I have this thing about playing the same game twice on both hand helds. Meaning I like to play the same game for PSP & DS and compare the differences. I've done it with Star Wars Force Unleashed, Grand Theft Auto, Lego Batman & Lego Indiana Jones. Nice to see the differences first hand. Any who I was recently playing the God of War game for PSP and really wanted to locate the DS version, well God of War is a Sony exclusive so I had to Google --- "greek mythology DS" --- to see what would come up. Heracles: Battle With the Gods, boy was I glad I found this game, fun fun fun man! You play as Heracles the son of Zeus. Your horse and best friend Pegasus has been kidnapped by your evil uncle Poseidon god of the sea. You embark on an epic journey throughout Ancient Greece and during your travels you face off against many mythological personalities like Nessus, Cerberus, Medusa and the Minotaur, while pleasing the Gods at the same time. During the game you are also trying to earn your back in good graces of Mount Olympus. The 3D graphics are very nice for a DS game, it has a cartoony look to it, but that is normal for most DS cards. If you are just regular gamer I probably would suggest this game. If you love Greek Mythology, fantasy and beating the crap out of enemies. This is a must have.