Fans of Hello Kitty rejoice!

User Rating: 9 | Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams DS
If you or someone you know is a fan of Hello Kitty, this game is definitely for you, mini-games for all ages is basically what this game is about. It's somewhat more challenging than the usual Kitty fare and relative to those deserves a higher rating. Recommended for fans of Hello Kitty and friends, the game also offers the family of characters in here in a 3D type of style.

The game is not for hardcore players looking for a very challenging experience, but then again, this is Hello Kitty and you would set yourself up with a certain expectation, controls are fine, mini games are fun and it's a no-stress fancy fun experience.

Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams follows Kitty's move from the country (and the flow of mom and dad's funds) into the Big City, where she is met by familiar friends from Sanrio's line of adorable characters, such as Kerropi, Chococat, Pochacco, and many more.