This game is good so far

User Rating: 7 | Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams DS
I've only been playing this game a few days,but so far I like it.I enjoyed the Hello Kitty game for the GBA,and this game is similar.
The one for the GBA is really short,and this one may be too.I think this would be a good game for girls of any age who love Hello Kitty.
In my opinion,a game doesn't have to be long,or bloody,or gory to be good.A simple,fun,cute game can be entertaining too.(I'm not into the blood,gore,and violence anyway)I really hope that they decide to bring some of the other Hello Kitty DS games to the U.S.,because they look really cute too.I'll tell you a little about the game without giving too much away.....HK goes to the big city,and gets a small apartment.You play mini-games to earn Friendship Points,and with these you buy a bigger room,outfits,change the theme of your room,ect.,so it's basically alot of mini-games.But the games are fun and easy.If you're not sure about this game,maybe rent it first(I had to rent the copy I have,because I can't find it anywhere to buy it.).Overall,I think it's a good game.If you love HK as much as I do,it's a definite buy.