Cute but disappointing

User Rating: 3 | Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams DS
i had been waiting and waiting for this game to come out and the minute it was released my fiance went to the store and bought it for me. i am a big fan of hello kitty and have been for most of my life.

there were some cute mini games but nothing that made the game replayable. there was nothing more to unlock or win that i didn't already have. i now live on the 5th floor (which is the whole point), have every stuffed animal from the crane game, have all the clothes and room themes and about 40+ friendship points i have no use for.

don't get me wrong, the game is very very cute. the mini games are for the most part fun, but the game was just too short. after playing HKO i was expecting a really nice Hello Kitty DS game to take up my time. ti also feel like the Hello Kitty JP releases are much better than anything that makes it to the US/EU and that's really disappointing.

on a side note, i really enjoyed the TinkerBell game and you can pretty much play it forever.