Could've been great

User Rating: 7 | Hellgate: London PC
This game could've been great. Keyword here is "could've". Graphics just don't feel polished. There are some animations there that are not befitting of a game released towards the end of 2007. Characters in the game are forgettable. The occasional voice acting is sometimes corny, especially when accompanied by the obviously repetitive & irrelevant character animations. Fighting just doesn't have a solid feeling about it, whether you're wielding a sword or shooting a gun in first-person shooter view. The best way I can put it is that fighting feels more like in a platformer game, rather than a 3D RPG. And the amount of stuff & user interface functionalities thrown at you right at the beginning is overwhelming. The so-called tutorial didn't help much either, as it was too long, rather than teaching you things bit by bit. Very quickly you start to feel there's an annoying element of repetitiveness in the game too. I started feeling it when I start quests in the 3rd underground station (you pick up quests in underground stations from NPCs).

This game was in desperate need of polishing for all of its elements, especially graphics. It also needed some use of usability expertise or user-friendliness. A good narrator to invest expertise in changes that would engage players more in the game's world. Finally, it also needed a good director to put the fairly good different bits together in a final form that makes sense & makes the overall picture look impressive. For example, action music played at strange times. Maybe they can learn something from Half-Life's and Dead Space's music direction. I had a feeling this game had so many of its elements implemented as a result of the opinion of just one person, who wasn't really qualified to take those decisions on their own, and somehow nobody objected or their objections fell on deaf ears! Weird hunch feeling, yes, but that's what I felt.