Desperados 3!Cooper,Kate,Sam,Sanchez,Doc McCoy and Hawkeye pick up where Desperados ended.

User Rating: 8.5 | Helldorado PC
The game takes on from where it left on Desperados 2. And this time,a completely new feature has been added COMBO whereby 2 characters can combine to launch an attack.For example,Cooper and Sam have the power to beat up 4 to 5 guys and Sanchez and Sam can combine tequila and fire to make a diversion.However,the game has got more difficult but the gameplay has been improved and there is an increase of stealth missions this time around.Animated shadows,water etc.Weather is now better and AI significantly increased.No new characters has been added,so Cooper,Sanchez,Kate,Sam,Doc and Hawkeye are once again here to save the day.I did not really notice any major glitches in the game and had really fun playing.Replaying the game over is worthwhile as different tactics can be used at different times to achieve the desired result.Overall,its a great game and the COMBO feature makes it even more interesting to try out new moves in defeating the enemy,which makes me think this is the best in the trilogy until now.