Not as bad as the 4.5critic score, but not great either

User Rating: 6.5 | Helldorado PC
Let me get this out of the way first: Helldorado installs a bad/old version of the Blink video codec which causes it to crash, a lot, like even sitting in the main menu... You need to install a newer version of the .dll file (google for it, but for some bizarre reason you can't download it from the blink or helldorado website). try for version xxxx.9.1 or xxxx.9.9. A new version of the blink codec is on the HAWX game dvd, if that helps.

on to the review: Helldorado is an unique old-west themed strategy game. Unique that as you play you can dynamically switch from a overhead view to a 'typical' FPS view.

~12 hours of game-play, and once the Blink video crashyness .dll is resolved it's enjoyable.

the voice acting is good, but what the characters say every time you click on them is repetitive and annoying. The game is a little racially biased against Mexicans, take note if this is important to you. the storyline is cohesive and makes sense, sorta.

The graphics are fair to good. Nothing astounding or demanding, but neither are they distractingly bad.

Extremely painfully slow level load times. Not sure what it is doing, my cpu cores never went above 20% and my memory usage was at 15%, but it takes forever to load levels or restore saved games. Loses a review point here.

The helldorado website other than being a marketing billboard is terrible. no forums, no game update downloads, no support of any kind. If i didn't get lucky googling for the crashing problem and read a thread that told me what i needed to do, I'd have dumped the game without playing more than a few min of it. Deplorable, since all they needed to do it mention this and give us a download link for the newer dll. loses a couple review points here.