A cartoony take on an evil bunny trying to win back the underworld. Funny moments and lots to dress up with?

User Rating: 8 | Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit X360
Author's Note: I was disappointed to see the staff give this game a 4.0/10.0. That's the whole reason I created an account so I can review this game and bump its score up.

Sound /- - / 9.0
Graphics /- - / 8.0
Gameplay /- - / 9.0
Controls /- -/ 7.0
Replayability /- - / 6.0

Sound /___

The soundtrack went along with the various themes you encounter while collecting bosses. It was usually catchy and went well with the gameplay.

Graphics /___

The 2D art is a nice touch to make it even cartoonier than pixel shading would do. The different hats and attachments (useless) felt like a cheap add-on. Not hurting the game, but doesn't help.

Gameplay /___

The navigation is almost intuitive and doesn't require an extensive tutorial. Anyone with experience playing a Sonic game will pick up on this one pretty quick. Going from boss to boss is easily pointed out to you by markers on both your map, and HUD. They don't make it much easier than that for you.

Controls /___

Moving around the maps both with and without the wheel are no difficult task. You can maneuver into and around enemies quite easily, which also makes the game a bit easier too. The finishing moves for the bosses are simple "press this button NOW" or in sequence with others.

Replayability /___

With no multiplayer (Rabbit CTF!) or reason to play again, this game loses out of a few points. Simple.