It's a funny game, but sometimes it make you throw the joystick on the wall

User Rating: 6 | Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit PC
The game itself looks good and promising. The graphics are cool, it has a good level design, good boss fights and all, reminding some old platformers (this one reminded me Jazz Jackrabbit on my first impression).

Too bad that the game have some annoying things that could let you down. First one, it's too easy. Some parts of the game could get tricky to pass, but that's all of the challenging stuff. The bosses are cool, but they're very very easy to beat. It's not like recent platformers, for example Shank and Capsized. Those ones had a difficulty curve, Hell Yeah it's the same. It gets even easier on the later levels, as you get more weapons and upgrades.

Another anoying thing, for me, it's the little cutscenes and events when you kill a monster. On the first sight they look good, but come on, you have to do this every now and then and you have tons of monsters to kill.

Overall, if you are a fan of platformers, you might want to check it out. Otherwise, I think you'll be bored with this one.