Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Discover all regions in Chapter 3 Acquire a Knowledge of these Particulars
    Finish Chapter 2 All Gaul Subdued
    Capture 100 Mines All That is Gold Does not Glitter
    Discover 50% of All Regions As the Eagle Flies
    Capture 100 Enemy Cities Besieged Night and Day
    Win Sandbox as a Briton Faction Born in the Island Itself
    Sink 100 ships as a Briton Faction Britannia Rule the Waves
    Win the Battle of Bibracte Compelled by the Want of Everything
    Defeat 1000 Enemies Cry Havoc
    Defeat a Roman Faction as Another Roman Faction Et Tu, Brute?
    Discover 100% of All Regions Everything the Light Touches
    Finish Chapter 4 while losing fewer than 10 units Few Casualties of War
    Finish Chapter 3 while losing less than 10 units Few Wounds Themselves
    Capture/Build 100 Camps Fit for Encampment
    Occupy Britannia (Chapter 3) For an Island's Worth of Tribute
    Finish Chapter 4 in less than 100 days Forced Marches by Day and Night
    Have 10,000 Total Income Fortune Favours the Bold
    Capture 100 Logging Camps Good Use of Endless Forests
    Win the Battle of the Sabis Greatness of Spirit
    Finish Chapter 2 while losing fewer than 5 units Greatness of Spirit Rendered These Actions Easy
    Win Sandbox as 25 Different Factions He Who Perseveres, Conquers
    Capture Romans as Slaves I'm Spartacus!
    Promote 100 Officers If You Want Peace, Prepare for War
    Discover all Regions in Chapter 2 Learned Through His Scouts
    Defeat 5000 Enemies Let Slip the Dogs of War
    Finish Chapter 1 in Fewer than 30 Days Make Haste Slowly
    Finish Chapter 3 in fewer than 100 days Matters Quickly Executed
    Capture 1000 Slaves Memento Mori
    Conquer All Roman Territory with a Non-Roman Faction No, I'm Spartacus!
    Capture 100 Farms/Fisheries/Cattle Farms Nothing Better Becomes the Well-Bred than Agriculture
    Build 100 Bridges Pons Facere
    Discover all Regions in Chapter 4 Reconnoitered the Country
    Play 100 Hours Unpaused Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
    Capture All Salasii Cities during Chapter 1 Seize Upon the Summits of the Alps
    Harvest 10,000 Wood The Bounty of the Forests
    Win Sandbox as a Gallic Faction The Bravest of These
    Finish Chapter 4 The Die is Cast
    Win Sandbox as 10 Different Factions The Harvest of Victory
    Discover All Regions in Chapter 1 The Vastness of the Forests
    Finish Chapter 3 Their Territories Laid Waste
    First Time Caesar Falls in Battle Then Fall, Caesar!
    March 1000 km Then I Will Walk 500 More
    Finish Chapter 1 Two Important Wars in One Campaign
    Defeat Ambiorix (Chapter 4) Unguarded and Unprepared
    Finish All Four Chapters Veni, Vidi, Vici
    Win Sandbox as a Roman Faction Vir Triumphalis
    Finish Chapter 1 while losing fewer than 5 units Well Armed and Flushed with Success
    Finish Chapter 2 in fewer than 40 days Well Done is Quickly Done
    Win Sandbox as a Germanic Faction What they Might Win by their Blood
    Raid 100 Farms Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
    Build 100 Upgrades Wherein We Fortify
    Harvest 10,000 Food You Reap What You Sow
    Defeat 500 Enemies Your Swords, Made Rich

    Contributed by: Guard Master