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User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
I was very skeptical at first because I had tried Indigo Prophecy on pc years ago.. the key word is pc there. So I downloaded Heavy Rain demo not expecting much but automatically I was drawn in thanks to the awesome atmosphere of this game - it reminded me of Max Payne 2 - one of my fav pc games ever. So I bought a used copy of this game and never want to part with it now. I replayed this game 2 times and want to replay another to see what happens if I deliberately don't do the quick time events and everyone fails lol

About the criticisms of this game - yes, it's an interactive movie, but if people have problem with that maybe they shouldn't play it and play what they like and enjoy instead?

About plot holes - yes, there is at least one big plot hole in this game, but it didn't make my experience feel less great.

About the bad voice acting - yes, it could have been much better. But apparently the game development woulda been much more expensive with professional actors instead of the low-end actors that were selected.