Heavy Rain is one of the most unique and engaging experiences I've ever had in a game.

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
Heavy Rain is one of the most unique and engaging experiences I've ever had in a game. Unlike most games where you play as a protagonist through a straight forward story in this game you play as 4 different characters and the story is crafted based upon decisions that you make. It was a game that once I started playing it I couldn't put it down from beginning to end it was like playing through a mystery.

The story is begins with a father named Ethan Mars who looks to have a very happy life. He has a cool looking house, he plays with his two kids Jason and Shaun, and has a very loving wife. But then one day tragedy strikes when Ethan is missing Jason at the mall. He eventually finds him across the street but when Jason runs across the street with a car coming Ethan tries to save Jason but it was too late. The car kills Jason and sends Ethan into a six month coma.

It then flash forwards to two years later where we see Ethan is now alone and grief stricken by Jason's death. His other son Shaun has become very distant from Ethan. There is now a serial killer on the loose called the Origami Killer who kidnaps boys aged 9 to 13 and drowns with massive amounts of rain. When Shaun is kidnaped by the origami killer and it is up to Ethan and 4 other characters to find him in about 72 hours.

The different characters you play as is a journalist named Madison Paige, an FBI agent named Norman Jayden, and a private investigator named Scott Shelby. Each of these characters are unique and interesting and have different methods of investigation. Depending on some of the decisions you'll make some of these characters will either live or die.

Throughout the whole game you'll playing as these and you'll be interacting with the environments around you with very specific button prompts in order to do a certain action. When you're fighting with someone you'll be treated to a quick time event where everything gets rather intense when you're trying hold down all of the buttons at the same time or shaking the controller up and down repeatedly to get out of a situation.

The way the button prompts are laid out is really well done and conveys how hard the situation can be. Even little things like moving the right stick very slowly to rock the baby back and forth, moving the right stick in a certain way to drink orange juice, or trying to climb a slippery hill by pushing a number buttons all add really well to the amazing atmosphere in this game.

The story itself kept me sufficiently interested to see how deep it goes throughout the game. There are parts in the game where you have to make a very vital decision with some of them having very fatal consequences. Sometimes you do have to pay attention to some of the detail in the game almost like you're a detective or you would have to react very fast in a situation. There are multiple ways that this game could end depending on your decisions. The kid that you're trying to rescue can even die if you're not careful. It was very intense and it kept me on edge about my decisions.

I have to say the graphics in this game is absolutely gorgeous. The different tones chosen for certain scenes fits the mood very perfectly with the beginning being very colorful and happy with rest of the being very dark with brownish tones. The attention to detail is excellent with how each room set uniquely and how little things in the room are important. The looks of the characters look very real almost as if this was a live action movie.

Now I've talked about how excellent the control was was as well as how beautiful and intense the game but there are some things that do hold it back from being a 10 out of 10. One of the biggest issues in my opinion was some of the camera angles. When you're in a situation at times sometimes the button prompts can obstructed by an object or if its off to corner of the screen. Another minor thing is that there are some plot holes, which I won't reveal here, that don't make a whole lot of sense.