The benchmark for story-driven games gets even better with the move.

User Rating: 10 | Heavy Rain: Move Edition PS3
The gaming world is not as bad as people are cracking it up to be. There is still room for completely original experiences such as the interactive thriller that is Heavy Rain.

There are not many games that can make a true connection between the player and the characters in a video game, but Heavy Rain achieves this challenging feat with flying colours. And this connection is only enhanced with the move controller, thanks to the great accuracy of the controller, situation where the player is flailing about frantically because the controller isn't responding is avoided. Instead it makes the player feel like they're there, brushing their teeth, fighting against "evil characters" in a realistic fashion and much more. I put speech marks around "evil characters" because everyone the player encounters are not just generic people that are placed there to get beaten up, everyone seems to be a real person that has their own thoughts and personalities.

All four characters are a joy to play as, each with a typically different pace. Ethan 's trials that he endures feel extremely tense from start to finish demanding the player to make genuinely difficult decisions. Madison is primarily investigations as with Norman. Scott is possibly the most action packed of the four.

The graphics are amazing with uber realistic character models featuring full body and facial motion capture that has yet to be beaten, yes the facial animations are better than L.A Noire's in the sense that it doesn't look like a film of a face is textured onto the character and the eyes, oh those eyes... I haven't seen eyes that realistic in some Pixar films, and that's saying something.

The story is backed up by terrific voice acting from all the major characters (and even minor characters) along with probably the most beautiful game soundtrack I have heard in a video game or film.

There has been some criticism to the "handling" of the characters but I believe it is because the characters have weight, they don't just immediately turn 90 degrees but instead realistically turning their head in that direction and then their body follows.

Overall an unforgettable experience for all PS3 players and essential for players with a move controller. A well deserved 10/10

Also I forgot to mention, there is no "game over" screen if the player messes up and the story still continues with a significantly different outcome. An for optimal experience, I recommend turning all the lights off, clear out any background noise and to play it by yourself and only on your own. And in the case that you did something that you regret, still carry on as the game will immerse you even more with the consequences of your actions.