Better than I thought

User Rating: 8.5 | Heavy Rain PS3
Didn't think this game would be my cup of tea as I prefer shooters and action-adventure games, but I ended up greatly enjoying it. Watching trailers and gameplay, I thought I'd get bored with the game and for the first hour or so, I was. However, I kept playing it, determined to beat it. As I continued playing it, the story got better and better and I became immersed in it. It was alot of fun working to solve a crime. I definitely think this a game that needs to be played at least once by all PS3 owners as its controls are unique and the story is great.

The difficulty options for this game is interesting too. From my understanding, the difficulty is based on how familiar you are with the PS3 controller. If you play quite a few hours a day on the PS3, you can easily handle the hardest difficulty. From my personal experience, the harder the difficulty, the harder the prompts are and faster reaction times are needed. In the end, though, the difficulty doesn't really matter because this game is all about the story :)