Be your own detective

User Rating: 10 | Heavy Rain PS3
This game tries something new and does so well... The graphics were the best when this game came out and it is still better than most games. The gameplay is very solid with the constand button pop up to get u into it... And the choices u make impact the game... for example, should u go in as the private detective and help the prostitute, or should u just let her be abused by a customer?? You get a stylish fight for helping her... And u would think that the story is just about him, but no... there are at least 3 more stories that all add up to the end. From a guy's child being abducted, to the FBI agent solving a crime... Quantic Dream really makes a new style of gameplay and makes it work so well that other games use it since it was so effective... Very good game that's definitely worth picking up for the now $20.