this is a great game, story, interaction. playing experience

User Rating: 9.5 | Heavy Rain PS3
Where does one start... I guess in an overall objective explanation. All the pieces, and parts of this game flows together. Some actions like all other games move along and change little, while many other actions change the game a lot.

HOW YOU PLAY the game is most IMPORTANT. Many times you may over think what to do to make it to the end. You may cheat at some points by starting over if the outcome is not to your liking. You may play the game trying to get the best possible out comes by thinking what should be done, what you think the developers think should be done to make it to the end. There are many chances to take, many roads to miander. It is normal to try to allow the TV to seperate yourself from the game, to keep a distance between yourself and the story and its charters. Many times you may say to yourself this is just a game, and choose actions or paths that do not fit with the story you yourself are making. It is not hard to sabotage your gaming experience, or back away from connecting with the game.

Two ways to play the game. How you think fits with the game and how you feel the charters personality is. Just take you best guess and go with it. The cut seens give an idea. Also, sometimes we push the wrong button, mistakes happen in life, and it does not end the way we wanted. Let it be, in a situation that calls for quick action take a chance. IT IS EASY to throw yourself into these charters, to let yourself act like you would and not how you think they would.

There is no action with out reaction, and every action has a consequence. THIS IS NOT A hard game to play unless you make it hard. You will win some and lose some, and if you do not move the controler the way you like that can be changed to simplar movements. Still mistakes happen. And the game moves on.

This game has opened my eyes to what I thought what games could be. Every game has its limitation. This games limitation is the same but in different ways. And in other ways it gives you more choices. Much more choices. It is not a fast paced game like so many others. But give it a chance and it will blow you away.