Heavy Rain is a game that will grow on you, but like all games it has it's flaws.

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
Heavy Rain is an intense psychological thriller, and it is worth the 12 or so hours of play. The game overall did a superb job in drawing you in and getting you attached to the characters. Other then a few very noticeable graphical errors and a ending that you may or may not want to deny. Once you start playing Heavy Rain you will not want to put down the controller. Your Choices in Heavy Rain will determine the outcome of future chapters and the ending, it's basically your choice whether to kill a guy or let him live. I played though the game trying to prevent any of the characters from dying and succeeded till the end (after a few resets). Through that play, when I leaned who the killer was I was so shocked that I was in denial that the killer was really the killer. I was also so into the game that when the game got to an intense choice part I was so nervous I accidentally shot a guy, and when I didn't really have to. If your looking for something to occupy yourself for a bit, then I would definitely recommend Heavy Rain as a game for you to try out.