Groundbreaking,Breathtaking,Earthshaking,and much more!This game is a MUST for a ps3 user!Don't miss on this masterpiece

User Rating: 10 | Heavy Rain PS3
If you are a user who's addicted to: Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Command and Conquer.. then it's not certain that you will enjoy the game as much as an open minted person would!

First of all... it's an adventure like game...
actually to be more specific..It's an interactive drama kind of game!

There is minimal control of the character...(well, you can move around the room of course.. but you can't jump, duck, pull out a gun and shoot..)instead, there is a lot of interactive sequences, and quick time animations!
Examples: Move the left stick according to the indicator on the screen to open the drawer, click X repeatadly as shown on the screen to beat repeatadly the enemy's face!

It doesn't matter if you're fighting, looking around, or brushing your teeth (yes, there is actually a moment where you have to shake your controller left and right to brush your teeth! and yes it feels and looks funny! :P )It's always going to be the same type of interaction as mentioned above!
But don't get dissapointed!
This game's story, is SO deep and entertaining, that it will "suck you in" before you even know it!
Some might say, that it's like a movie with an interaction system!

Imagine that I finished the game without even getting off my chair! (figure of speech.. I had to go to the restroom of course!)
Yes, it's THIS much addictive!

Another great thing is the animation!
There is SO much motion capture saved in this game, that you are amazed even when your character is picking his nose!
Let's not mention the graphics...oh man! The detail is SO high that you can even see the reflection in your character's eyes! Simply astonishing..!
Everything is like..real!
The animation,the textures,lighting,music,sound effects,plot, everything is simply TERRIFIC!!!

And the best thing is that it has high replay value!
Since it's a game where you keep making choises...You can restart the game and follow a different path!

The only negative things are: That it might take you sometime until you figure out the control system (it's not difficult, it's and one of a kind!), and the other thing are some glitches I noticed...There where some audio problems from time to time..about 4 times in the whole game..nothing major..the sound would cut of for about 3 seconds..!

Overall it's trully a masterpiece, and it should be added as a new type of gaming!

Definetly a MUST buy and a MUST for your collection!