Innovative and groundbreaking. But we still have a long way to go.

User Rating: 8.5 | Heavy Rain PS3
First off, let me just say. Who wrote this script? Because it puts hollywood to shame. I havent seen a decent movie since the departed. Infact i'd go as far as saying 90% of movies released in the last 2 or 3 years have been so dire its put me off going to the movies all together. Then comes alone Heavy Rain which is a video game, with a story so intense, had it been a movie i would have already pre-ordered the bluray already. For me its the main reason i played it through in one sitting. The story had me so involved and gripped i couldnt turn it off. Huge kudos has to goto Quantic Dream for taking such a risk as to make a video game in this modern era that has you doing nothing more than hitting or holding X or L2 when told. Normally you wouldnt even give a game of such control a $5 download from the PSN. However its clear that Quantic and Sony knew players would be so involved with the story they'd simply forget after a while that were not much more involved than button punching. I think UC2 and HR have set the precedence for the possible future of entertainment. I believe one day all video games held to any high calabre will follow suit of being more of an interactive movie you feel you're playing a role in that straight shooters etc. However were i believe UC2 got the balance almost perfect, i think HR falls so far into the story/movie category and so far away from video game, it strays too far. There were times i was fed up of doing my button mashing. Furstrated at the story curve simply because i held l2 instead of r2. Othertimes when 2 things were even presented to me as choices i didnt even realize the importance of one over the other as there was no seperation from button presses for the mundane tasks. Also at times the camera angles suffered so badly youd find yourself actually doing an action you didnt even intend. That said if you own a PS3 you probably owe it to yourself to buy or at least experience this game. Its truly like nothing else on the console (or any console) and the playability of changing the storyline based on actions alone makes for great replayability. It also looks and sounds amazing. Somewhere between this and UC2 is the "perfect game" - i really hope Quantic Dream take another shot in the future but doesnt lose sight of the gaming experience so much. But ask yourself have you ever felt genuine guilt and other emotions from a video game because of your actions? Well, you have now. Even tho it falls a little short it still breaks brave new ground and keeps gaming fresh and moving forward, just like UC2 did. So once again... Microsoft eat your heart out.