Great story, great gameplay, it's a shame that it is too broken to play.

User Rating: 5 | Heavy Rain PS3
Overall, this is a great game. The story is phenomenal and the gameplay is truly original and engaging. Everything that can be said is said in the review on this site.

However, the one thing that the reviewer left out, and probably did not know about, is the fact that the game is broken. Hundreds of users are experiencing sound drops, complete game freezes (which require a hard reset of the console), and corrupted game saves. If you do not believe me go to Heavy Rain's website forums and check for yourselves.

Myself, it happened about 8 hours deep near the very end of the game. It froze and I had to do a hard reset of my PS3 which then corrupted the game save. The ability to craft the story in your own way was the selling point of Heavy Rain for me. Now I have played 8 hours for nothing and just have to accept that I will never see the ending to the original story that I crafted all because of a bug that could have been prevented with proper testing of the game. There are multiple threads and multiple complaints about this issue which no one from Quantic Dream is responding too. As good of a game as this should've been it has been ruined by substandard testing practices like so many games before it. So, wait for Heavy Rain to be patched (if it is ever patched) before attempting to play it.