So you've heard alot about this game. Well here's just a bit more.

User Rating: 9.5 | Heavy Rain PS3
So I've completed a play through last night, with no sleep, and now I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

The game play is that addictive, and let's just say I didn't want to stop once I started playing so heed this warning, "give yourself plenty of time to play to your satisfaction".

After completing one play through I listened to the gamespot reviewers complaints. Basically it sounds like he had no idea of the game play for the game, and the point it was making by going with this stride-breaking control delivery, and then complained about it. We all knew the controls would be different, but really, it wasn't that hard once you got into (like most games).

Characters 10
Graphics 9.5
Controls 9
Storyline 9
Music 10
Overall 9.5

The reason controls gets a nine, is because they aren't the best, but they still do an absolutely awesome job of allowing you to get involved in the game itself. The storyline gets a 9 (mind you this is only after first play through) because there was some plot points that I did not uncover in that play through. But when you think about it, this game is all about the small things, and picking up on certain details, that to assess the story after one play through isn't a complete assessment.
Graphics get a 9.5, they are high quality, excellently detailed, and near perfect.
The characters and music get a 10 because, for this game they work out perfectly.

Note: After my first play through, there are several things I was able to get around because of my decisions made, and my actions taken. So there are still plenty of playable options, thus replay value should be fine. I have no idea what the critic for Gamespot was complaining about.