A mature gamer's game.

User Rating: 10 | Heavy Rain PS3
I have been waiting on this game for 4 years, since I seen it at E3 in '06. Now I finally have it, and I must say, this game is now one of my favorites. Now people who expect a lot shooting, action, and blood will not like this game. That is where the mature content of this game comes in. You have to be patient and pay attention to every little detail in the game. From what time did the child go missing, to what was he wearing that day, and the rainfall(play the game to understand the concept of the rainfall) This causes you to think and actually get a feeling that you are really trying to look for the missing child. Another thing to like about this game is the interaction with the drama. When you play with Ethan Mars, you actually play with your kids and you would actually( or at least I did) start to get a quick connection with the children(Jason and Shaun). Ethan seems to have a great life, but then one accident changes it all because Jason dies and Ethan is in a coma, and that is where the story begins. Another interesting thing about Heavy Rain is the choice you make. This is where a great amount of re-playability comes in. For every choice you make your story makes a slight change and that slight change will alter the whole story which causes many endings. You can even kill off a player and see how the story progresses if they are dead, because once a player dies the story keeps going. the quick time events fits the game very well and the controls takes some time getting use to but once you do, it is really easy. It is not ALL quick time though, you actually have to accomplish little things, such as shaving or make up, or making quick decisions.(more to it but i do not want to ruin it) In my book this game is mature, and for all of the MW2 or blood and gore fans reading this, do not even bother. You will be disappointed. other than that, PLAY THIS GAME if you like something that is different and that requires you to think. 10/10.