The game is awsome, totally new way to keep you at the edge of your seat. To feel nervous and anxious this is it.

User Rating: 10 | Heavy Rain PS3
The game has awesome graphics and the surroundings are great. The story is superb and it will keep you interested until the end of the game. It is a completely new way to make video games and it sure will have an impact in the next generation games. I can't wait for the next chapters to be published, cause they made a really good job making me jumpy and excited. I will recommend all gamers to play this game, you cannot miss the experience of something totally revolutionary. After playing the whole game I watched the bonuses unlocked through the game to find the whole castings and it was awesome how well the actual actors were created in the game. The facial expressions, the faces are identically. Great job in the character selection. The music of the game I felt it was great, the deep sounds kept me very anxious, just like a thriller movie. I feel they achieved their goal with this game, totally new way of merging video games and movies plus a great plot and storyline. One of the best things about the game is the ending scenes. I have to warn you, every move you make will change the ending and I actually prove it while playing with a friend, and he got something totally different. The best part is that you don't know what is happening until the last scenes, I love that cause it makes you think through the whole game.

To quantic dreams I say great job guys, hope you keep going and going with such great stories that make our minds really go on and on about all the details in the game. Can wait for the next one.