Must buy

User Rating: 9.5 | Heavy Rain PS3
I just buy the full game and now all my senses merged with this game.

it's a game about exploring how far, and how deep, characters and players are willing to go in a video game and see what sort of person would come back from those depths.

Heavy Rain is, to put it simply, a game about choices. Of course, consequences follow the choices, but not immediately. Each little decision you make for each character serves as both a wrinkle in the fabric of the story, as well as adding your own personal narrative to each character's development.

While playing each character, you have the opportunity to listen in on their thoughts about any given situation. Sometimes it is a harrowing revelation about their guilt that they have carried with them the entire time and other times, it is a hostile reaction to another character's brash personality, but every thought is contextualizing the scene and no matter how many different ways I activated thoughts or engaged in alternate decisions, the story of Heavy Rain is always consistently woven together. I encourage everyone that plays Heavy Rain to accept the consequences of their actions and see how the story can continue given each choice.