Original. Innovative. Heart-catching. Awesome.

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
This is to me, a truely unique gameplay. One that has tried to submerge for quite some time now, but Heavy rain takes it to another level : The real-time chain or the fact that each path has its own consequences, different from another.

Being a movie lover, especially of dark, action, drama genre, this genre-noire-psychological-thriller mixed with this new gaming experience makes you feel like you're controlling the events of a movie rather than passively looking at a movie or too focused on core objects of a typical action game. ( I dont know if I'm being accurate enough ..)

I never had an interest on this game. I took noticed of it when it was first unveiled (that is before the PS3 was even out at E3 If im not mistaken) and at that time, there was only an CGI movie with that lady. Nothing more for years. Until a week ago, I was impressed that the game was still being developped (honestly, I thought it sunk like many other projects) and was even more surprised by its good ratings. After looking at the Gamespot video preview the other day, I was immediatly convinced this game is unique ! Then, I remembered a friend of mine on Facebook posted he had downloaded the demo on the PS Store, so I did so (took me 48hours, not kidding ... Sony has to kick in some new servers ..) The demo was plain impressive ! From that moment, I knew I had to have to game.

The game is unique. If you were intrigued by the demo, you will simply love the game ! Don't watch too many trailers and other spoilers though, they are so many surprises worth not being aware of !