Heavy Freaking Rain!! This game is not only fun to play, but fun to watch others play. Lots of enjoyment on this title.

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
I have a girlfriend. I feel that needs to be said, because girls play certain types of games & many video games are made for us dudes. The purchase of this game was motivated by the fact she does not play, shooters, hack & slashes, sports games, racers or games involving to much button mashing. My girlfriend likes puzzles, platformers, music games & mystery games mostly. I think most women like those genres of gaming. I picked up this game so that she would have something to play as well. The game sucked her in like a great movie. I really enjoyed watching her play it. The game uses quick time events and fast decision making options. It took her a few chapters to get use to the game play, but once she got to the FBI agent she was comfy. In the game you play the roles of 4 main characters all searching for a serial killer. The choices you make in the game effect how the story ends & all 4 of your characters can die during the process. Sometimes the characters can be a little jerky and robotic in movement, but the story gets so good you hardly notice it after a while. The one gripe I do have is some of the quicktime options are really small, so small they hard to see. It would have been better if they made the QTE icons a little bigger. There was one sex scene in the game, but I feel there could have been a couple more. Not saying sex scenes are that important, but once you get sucked into this game there are just many other things the player could have explored. Both my girlfriend and I have completed the game and had different outcomes in our game endings. We both lost 1 character to death, and when your character dies you really have that "aww man" feeling because you know there was a way to prevent it. All in all I say everyone who has a PS3 should play this, especially women. Its great to see game makers, making games that women can not only get into, but understand that many females dont enjoy playing the button mashers that other developers put out. Heavy Rain is fun & entertaining experience. PS3 & PS4 needs more games like it.