Like watching a good detective drama. But you're controlling it.

User Rating: 8 | Heavy Rain PS3

The Good:

- Very interesting narrative. Hooks you in. Like a good mystery detective show.

- Voice acting is good

- many of your decisions will impact the outcome. Not only the final outcome, but outcomes throughout your play.

- The way the game does the dialogue is very good. You can always hear what the characters are thinking. Choices are made in real time, so you can't take too long to make a decision, making it feel real.

- Quite a variety of settings

- the plot surprised me. Very good twist.

- Good build up of the characters. Made me quite invested in each.

- QTE action sequences were done well. Can get exciting.


The Bad:

- Some of the QTE were awkward

- The camera angles can screw with your movement sometimes.

- Some of the dialogue options are too ambiguous and may not be what you intend the character to say

- holding R2 to simply walk becomes annoying.

- QTEs for menial tasks were unnecessary. It simply caused confusion, and unnatural movement. I just want to get in my car and drive away. Not press rotate my joystick to open the door, press a button to put on my seat belt, rotate my joystick to release the handbrake, then roll my joystick again to start the engine. This was ONE menial thing. There are many more.