Interesting concept

User Rating: 6 | Heavy Rain PS4
After finishing an epic 100 million hours of playing Witcher I decided it was time to mix it up. No more sword slashing monster killing. So I decided to try something different. Heavy Rain looked like something completely different and it delivered. It's all about the story. Which is interesting but I wasn't rushing home to find out what's next. I was quite happy to play a chapter and leave it for a few days. The voice acting was pretty mediocre in sections as others have mentioned. The controls are a little sticky. Having to hold down trigger to get the character to walk doesn't really make sense. However gently pushing the control stick in a direction to simulate the act of gently shaving is quite intuitive and clever. To sum it up. It's a nice change of pace from Uncharted and Witcher but if you're attention span isn't great I'd pass. I think it's great developers are exploring this space rather than churning out another COD. So well done.