One of the best storyline I've seen in any game, starts slow, but it gets more and more interesting.

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Rain PS3
Heavy Rain was originally released on PS3 in 2010, years later the game won a PS4 title, and finally I had the opportunity to play this great game, and I regret not having played it before, the graphics are beautiful, the expressions Faces are very well done, the plot is excellent, the game has 4 playable characters, Ethan a man who has a very happy life that is all over because of a trajedia involving his son, Ethan Mars is one of the best characters I I've seen it in some game, it has a dramatic charge, it suffers, you see the suffering in his gaze, and he from time to time has some decay and simply wakes up somewhere else, due to the plot he had at the beginning of the game, Scott Shelby, another great character, interesting, Madison a beautiful character, who helps a lot, not to mention that is very good of a fight, Jayden, investigating agent, his gameplay usually use a lot of research, reminiscent of Batman games Arkham, The Soundtrack is excellent, the sound of the game is impeccable, it seems that it is raining in real life so good that is the sound effects, and what is not lacking in this game is rain, the tone of the game is gloomy, the beginning is cheerful, Colorful, then the game becomes dark, with a tone of sadness, and the game has multiple endings, from good to bad end, the gameplay is unfortunately problematic, maybe it's just the version of ps4, more often the game does not respond well And it can be very harmful, and it lacks some explanations in the plot, mainly related to the declines of Ethan, Heavy Rain is spectacular, a sad game that thrills many times with excellent characters, an excellent and very surprising Plot Twist, Game obligatory for those who have Playstation 3 or 4. Note 90