User Rating: 5 | Heavy Rain PS4

Heavy Rain is a detective story that lets you switch between four characters that are trying to track down a serial killer and save a child he has abducted. The game offers you many choices, resulting in many different scenarios, so the replay value is high, and the numerous QTEs utilize the entire spectrum of the Dualshock 4's functionality, making for an involved experience. The concept is quite ambitious, but is ruined in practice by the voice acting (most of the actors sound like they are falling asleep), lengthy cutscenes that you can't skip, and a lot of things just not making any goddamn sense, which is kind of a big deal in a detective story. The nudity and sex scenes (well, the sex scene, which, incidentally, happens under the unlikeliest of circumstances) liven up the game somewhat, but not enough to pull it out of mediocrity.