Do you think Heavy Rain is?

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Poll: Do you think Heavy Rain is? (4 votes)

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Hi pplz!..:)

I've read SO much (mostly positive things) about the game.. & finally, years later, got a hold of a PS3 with the game (just borrowed, from a friend :))

Now, I'm having a problem with it. Aside from an issue with my TV, where it's an old CRT Samsung 4:3 and some/most of the actions/text are barely visible (only, like, the subtitles are fine, heh), it feels like I'm missing out on a BUNCH of stuff regularly. I can select some dialog options and then the rest just get lost - and the character/scene moves on.

.. When selecting what to say, there doesn't seem to be a rule - where I can stick around longer and find out more stuff (like, for example, not pressing "O"); but, instead, it feels like I'm being rushed to get the info in a crunch and then it's -like- I always ask the wrong stuff and never get to the questions/info that I wanted (hard to tell, on my TV, what question/button is what, lolz).

I get that they were, maybe, trying to add to the re-playability of the game in this way.. but, it's gotten too much; & I've only started, fairly recently - got past the call girl scene and the crime scene (with the nice glasses, FBI agent).

Did this bother anyone else?!?? Lemme know what you think, pls, tnx. =)

The real-time timer doesn't help, either (how the game seems to be on a clock).

Yeah, I haven't got an HDMI cable to hook it up to a monitor (meh). :-s

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Oh, pfft. Nvm, I figured out where my confusion came from; my motivation for writing the original post doesn't make much sense any more, but it's all because they messed up in making the game.

Google query is: "heavy rain plot holes" (explained)

A page is @