Heavy Metal FAKK2 , a third person Melee/Shooter with a Sci/ fantasy setting , that doesn't disappoint . Short but Sweet

User Rating: 7.5 | Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 PC
Heavy Metal Fakk2 , is a Third person , Sci/Fi , Action game which I believe was overlooked by most players in the gaming world. I wonder why.

Stability issues were not a problem, as I rarely encountered any problems. I Played the game without any patches and without any Hiccup. None worth complaining about I would say.

The UNREAL Engine , which I encountered in the first Unreal single player game, was the prettiest looking engine I had ever seen at the time. This obviously has rubbed off , in FAKK2, which uses this engine and this feature has been taken full advantage of. I spent a lot of time admiring the scenery, pausing when I didn't have to. Eden , the Alien world was well Presented, with scenarios very imaginatively created. Graphic wise the game did not disappoint even in the year 2012.

The GAME PLAY was unique for me, as the Julie the protagonist, could wield dual weapons, not just the usual dual weapons of a similar nature, but also those not traditionally used together, like a shield and an Uzi, or A sword and a pistol. Made for a unique experience for myself and hopefully , for others as well. It probably was not perfected , but the attempt by the designers was appreciated.

PUZZLES, were well designed, and never crossed over towards frustration. What was brilliant was the subtle hints the game would give to solve puzzles, and leaving the rest to the player. Political Correctness be dammed regarding some of the solutions . Games allow us to be naughty and to have fun.

SOUND was well implemented. Julie Strain, the B-movie Starlet voiced, the main character and was well done. Other sound effects were pretty good.

Anyways I recommend this game to anyone who are either Heavy Metal comic fans , or Third Person Action games or Both.