Pretty good smashing experience actually. Unevenly paced, but easy enough (you get so many weapons!) to make up for it.

User Rating: 8.3 | Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 PC
Inspired by comics and animated movie with adult content, FAKK2 surprises by being a very fun game with a few innovative features (although many of them are not used to their full extent). The demo of FAKK2 promised the full game to be especially well-balanced and challenging, but unfortunately for the final release difficulty was toned down. New enemies, better weapons and environments were added, many of them did not add to but took away from the depth of combat tactics, especially so in the large arenas at the end of the game. One of the most-interesting things about FAKK2 is its two-hand weapon system, allowing Julie to use two lighter weapons at the time. Although she finds ridiculously many weapons during the game, mostly you will have sword in the right and the shield in the left hand. As for the better side of FAKK2, a lot of the game takes place in Julie's home-town Eden with logically unfolding events triggered by Julie's going to a certain area, quite unlike ramping in abstract caves that gamers are used to. The array of moves Julie performs (hanging, climbing pipes horizontally and bringing legs up, swinging ropes etc) is so good to look at that there could have even been more such puzzles. Her energy bar is a nice touch too: it needs to be at certain level to use long distance weapons and determines how well-protected she is. Did I mention that she looks gorgeous and that there's heavy metal music playing in the menus? :) Overall, FAKK2 makes for an enjoyable action game with attitude. 16/20 - Based on : 20 HOURS 4/4 PRODUCTION VALUES - It's an old game, but the looks are completely saved by the virtual Julie Strain - the main character. 4/4 ACCESSIBILITY - A little more complicated than your average 3rd person game, but has good tutorials. 2/4 PACING - Obviously ran out of time developing it. Compared to the well-balanced and challenging demo, the last third of the game is spent on uselessly large arenas. 3/4 INNOVATION - There's some of it in the fighting and shielding mechanics, but it's really the concept not the gameplay mechanics that makes FAKK2 cool.. 3/4 IMMERSION - Julie Strain who plays the girl is an adult actress btw and now for quite some time a photographer; also a judge on Sex Court (Playboy TV). The Queen of All Media they call her :)