This is a great sleeper hit. The price is a steal at $5.00

User Rating: 9 | Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 PC
This game proves its not all about grapics. With any game its content,content,content.
HM fakk2 has a real fun tomb raider feel with it. With out the impossible jumps and almost completely hidden exits.
The main character Julie plays perfectly into the orignal movie mind set.
Sexy and a great fighter.

Grapics powered by QUAKE 3 grapics engine,This means it plays w/ great frame rates and is totally stable. Coupled with todays Processer it boots and quick loads in a snap. :)

The characters are clunky, but the voices carry well and pulls off the story line with out much sacrifice.

Weapons O plenty. Swords to killer chain guns and a dash of explosives.
This is a 3rd person game. Meaning you see your player, not just the gun as in 1st person players. Believe me you want to see Julie and watch her kick butt on the enemy.

Once rolling in the game, the music gets in you. . Every item you pick up has distinct sound that rolls through your sub woofer. You forget alot about detail and find yourself exploring and or jamming to the metal music while fighting swamp creatures.
Fighting is a easy learning curve. Once mastered, it is very satisfying using Julies trick moves to take out the creatures.

It is now 2008 and i just got it out for my 8 &12 year old girls.
All of us were shocked how this 8 year old game still had legs to carry it in todays grapic driven CPU munchin games. My two girls have played it twice in a row and want to find another similar game. or the second version.
You like us will wish there was another installment to continue the fun and mayhem.

Oh yeah. Julie outfits get sexier and sexier as the game roll on.
Rock on. :)