At $10, HMF2 makes for an affordable and enjoyable experience regrettably overlooked due to the bigger games of its era.

User Rating: 9.4 | Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 PC
So I'm looking through My Collection and trying to recall what I haven't added yet. I recall a few golden oldies like Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue until my mind settles on Heavy Metal FAKK 2. I wholly adored this game. Downloaded the demo the moment it became available and played the hell out of it. However, I didn't get the game. I'm guessing others distracted me and I forgot about it.

It wasn't long ago that I happened upon it in the economy gaming section of CompUSA or someplace. Instantly, the insanely catchy menu music snuck into my head. I believe I beat it in a matter of a day's time. While a little short, the game had a very enjoyable and immersive environment, intense action gameplay, and a quality soundtrack to boot.

Immediately upon recalling the title, I realized I hadn't installed it upon my PC - only my laptop. Itching to hear the main theme, "Heavy Metal Fire", once again, I did some brief Wayback Machine searching, only to find the sites that had the track for download had long died. However, a forum post suggested taking a peek inside the .pk3 files for the .mp3s. A quick installation, an easy directory search, and I had extracted the music. I guess I don't need to say what's playing on my WinAMP currently.

I fear there's little future for this title, lest someone at Gathering Of Developers gets reminiscent of the game and proposes its return. The story absolutely begged a sequel. Hopefully it won't join the ranks of Duke Nukem Forever and Fallout 3 - either in indefinite hold or discontinued due to copyright ownership, respectively.

Considering another run through the Heavy Metal FAKK 2 world,
-- Scaper-X